ABOVE AVERAGE HOLIDAY 15' November 03 2015


Summer '15 T-shirts June 30 2015

When it comes to collections some form of look book or photographs to go with the clothes is always important to me. I think showing people how someone else is wearing the clothes is always important rather than just throwing a shirt on your wooden floor and snapping a picture. These photos came from me and some friends just walking around my neighborhood and snapping some flicks. Everything is shot in film so I decided to put together some collages showcasing most of all the photos we took this day. Thank you to the very talented photographer Julian and Noah for modeling again. Summer collection t-shirts are now available in our online store here. Thank you for all your support!


BEHIND THE DESIGN. September 07 2014

So I wanted to share where some of our designs this season came from or what they were inspired by, its always nice to know what you're wearing. Some brands, I don't even wear certain things from them because I don't understand it, and I dont want to be representing the wrong stuff. When I sat down to get these designs done I definitely wanted to involve skateboarding. Skateboarding has been apart of me forever so every season from Above Average there will always be one thing or a couple of things that have to do with skateboarding. 

First up is our "Aggressor" T-shirt. This shirt was originally supposed to have Kate Moss, but after some thought (not that I dont love Kate Moss) shes kind of whored out in streetwear. Seems like everyones go to girl is always Kate Moss, so Madonna seemed just as fitting. 

This graphic from Vision Street Wear actually inspired the Aggressor T-shirt. Vision was a skateboarding footwear company in the 80s, they also made apparel and hard goods. They had legendary pros on their team like Mark Gonzales. This was one of my favorite graphics from our fall drop and each colorway is different. This deck design was called the Aggressor II hence the name "Aggressor" for the shirt.

Next up is the "Madness" graphic. This design font actually came straight off the cover of 80s skateboarding movie Skateboard Madness. The original design was just going to say Madness , but I thought Above Average was more fitting and I didnt think anyone would just get madness. Sometimes its hard to have a design without it saying the name of your company because no one understands who makes it or why they chose that. Don't get me wrong sometimes it works perfectly but in this case I liked the Above Average stacked with the madness. This celadon blue colorway is my favorite just because its different from your Average black, white or grey t-shirt. Skateboard Madness is one of those old school skate cheesy like movies but really dope! If you ever get the chance check it out. Or I believe you could watch it on youtube here

Heres the cover where "Above Average Madness" font was taken from.

Thrashin should be a no brainer to a lot of you! Thrashin was also an old skate movie from the late 80s that was a big hit. It was about a guy named Cory (ironic I know) who comes to stay in LA to train and compete in a big downhill competition. It also turns into a love story when he meets Chrissy who is the little sister of this guy who is the leader of the Daggers which is a skateboarding gang in the Venice area. They often beef with the Ramp Locals (Which is Corys crew) because Hook(leader of the daggers) tells Cory to stay away from his sister and of course he doesnt listen. It stars pro skaters such as Tony Alva, Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero and even the man Tony Hawk. This movie stood out to me because its dope to see skateboarding and the style of how people dressed back then compared to now! I chose one of the colorways of this tee to be neon green because back in that time people were running neon and bright colored shirts how people run black and white shirts today. If you ever get the chance too I would check out Thrashin.

You can watch Thrashin right here on youtube. (Click on thrashin and it'll redirect you)

Last but not least is our "Whatever" tshirt. 

The "Whatever" T-shirt actually came from edgy 90s movie called The Doom Generation. The Doom Generation is a 1995 comedy thriller film written and directed by Gregg Araki. The film stars Rose McGowan, James Duval, and Johnathon Schaech as two teenagers and a 21-year-old punk drifter who become involved in a ménage à trois. I chose this graphic because I had just recently watched the movie and I felt like if you seen someone on the street with "SEX VIOLENCE WHATEVER" on the back of their t-shirt it would definitely catch your attention. Its a must see if you already havent watched it.

Here is one of my favorite scenes where they stop at like a liquor store and their total comes out to $6.66 

I originally wanted to use this for something( Who knows you might see it in the future)

All these t-shirts are available here in our online shop now!


MAKE IT COUNT! September 07 2014

What up World!?

Sorry for lack of blog post! We over here at Above Average are going to start being on top of this here! I think a blog is very important because it gives you, the people a chance to connect with the brand. When I was growing up one of my favorite brands was the hundreds just solely off because they had the best blog on the net at the time. Anyway a couple of weeks ago I got to check out the Element Make It Count contest here in LA at the world famous Berrics and it was insane! Basically what the make it count contest does is bring attention to all the Ams from all around the world by hosting contest in different cities and then bringing all the winners to the berrics for a final contest. Whoever wins the final contest gets to be on the Element team for a whole entire year! I had initially come out to support my friend Dashawn (who actually ended up winning ha) but I left a fan of most of all the kids that skated the contest. Here are some pics I snapped, enjoy!

The longest line ever just for hamburgers & hotdogs (Well worth the wait though I must say ha)

Dashawn destroying every obstacle in his path B/s 180 switch 5-0 for warm ups.

I forget this kids name, warming up with a B/s Lipslide down the big rail.

This kid was sick Ivan Monteiro F/s Flip

Things got crazy 2 people going at once!

Executed perfectly!

Sean & Dashawn chilling waiting on the results

I think we've got a winner!

Congrats Dashawn! Until next year. (This is going to be a great year for Dashawn) Stay tuned



Above Average Fall 14" July 08 2014

I present to you the Above Average fall 14" collection lookbook. After 3 years of trial and error I have finally figured out the direction I want to take the brand in, and I am very satisfied with the results. I want to send a big thank you out to all of our supporters for staying with us and growing with us. 

*All Photographs by ALEXANDER BORTZ