MAKE IT COUNT! September 07 2014

What up World!?

Sorry for lack of blog post! We over here at Above Average are going to start being on top of this here! I think a blog is very important because it gives you, the people a chance to connect with the brand. When I was growing up one of my favorite brands was the hundreds just solely off because they had the best blog on the net at the time. Anyway a couple of weeks ago I got to check out the Element Make It Count contest here in LA at the world famous Berrics and it was insane! Basically what the make it count contest does is bring attention to all the Ams from all around the world by hosting contest in different cities and then bringing all the winners to the berrics for a final contest. Whoever wins the final contest gets to be on the Element team for a whole entire year! I had initially come out to support my friend Dashawn (who actually ended up winning ha) but I left a fan of most of all the kids that skated the contest. Here are some pics I snapped, enjoy!

The longest line ever just for hamburgers & hotdogs (Well worth the wait though I must say ha)

Dashawn destroying every obstacle in his path B/s 180 switch 5-0 for warm ups.

I forget this kids name, warming up with a B/s Lipslide down the big rail.

This kid was sick Ivan Monteiro F/s Flip

Things got crazy 2 people going at once!

Executed perfectly!

Sean & Dashawn chilling waiting on the results

I think we've got a winner!

Congrats Dashawn! Until next year. (This is going to be a great year for Dashawn) Stay tuned